An SEO expert right at your fingertips

SEO expert

Gone are the days of you sitting around waiting for the telephone to ring. Yes, you are about to make yet another call. But do not dread the activity. It is not yet another one of those cold canvass calls that you have forced yourself to make under desperate circumstances. You always wished you never had to make those calls anyway but you see how desperate things became. You scoured around your tired old website, wondering why you never received a solid hit. The hit you always wanted was a positive reaction to your business offering.

And you were rather perturbed half of the time because the fly by night internet guy, equivalent to the unqualified or illicit cable guy, did deliver on what he promised. He promised you loads of traffic to your website and you continue to see the numbers skyrocket. Only, you do this when you can. You do this when your website is having a rare second wind, not creaking under the unbearable weight. In your perturbation, it all makes rather nonsensical reading. You have those numbers but nary a solid business lead.

So, it is back to drumming your fingertips on your desktop. Clickety clack, wondering what to do next. The telephone is still standing there suggesting all the while, it’s me, pick me up for goodness’s sake and give the bloke a ring. The fly by nighter forgot to tell you or willfully did not tell you that all that wondrous traffic does not mean a jot if it cannot be translated into solid business leads. And there it is. This is the chap you have been looking for all of your short business life. Or perhaps it has been a long, dreary one, if you have managed to survive in business this long.

The internet has been around for donkey’s years. You still remember the day. So quiet it has been that your mind has been cast back to the day. You remember the day when you had to attend a workshop to learn how to send, receive and respond to emails. Now, it is so easy, as opening a telegram that you no longer receive. The SEO expert has much to teach you, sunshine. But do not fear. Soon you will be as pleased as punch. But without the Judy. There will be no need for that. This SEO expert will be swinging a lot of new traffic directly into your inbox which, of course, you already know how to open, thank goodness for that.

But first things first, not so fast, chum. First he is going to design and build you a brand new website that is going to withstand the heavy traffic volumes. It is also going to be a breeze for you to operate, so much so that you may sometimes self-centeredly consider yourself to be an expert yourself. Any in any case, what is wrong with that. Your new clients do need to see you oozing with confidence.